A fascinating team of speakers from diverse backgrounds, each with inspiring stories & experiences to share; including a TEDx speaker, a multi-time Ironman & triathlete, a holistic lawyer, entrepreneurs and professional & mindset coaches!

the experience

  • A Party to remember! – fun & entertainment brought to you by the 7Seas team with DJs El Gato and Eden Michelle EGGSTA
  • Giving! – all proceeds paid forward to the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society.

what did our guests say?

‘Inspiration from all speakers’ – ‘Using your mind correctly can change your life’ – ‘Anything can be achieved’ – ‘There are more people like me out there’ – Networking’ – ‘Gratitude is key’ – Enjoy every second of your life!’ – ‘There is a wealth of hidden talent and positive potential among the young people in Cyprus today’ – I loved the energy in the room’ – ‘Love the combination of learning, fun, food, party and giving back’ – ‘I loved the fusion of speakers. Each independent & unique but interlaced with a common goal of love & gratitude’.

our appreciation

We are ever so grateful to everyone who attended and to the wonderful mindX Team – speakers, artists, designers, videographers, photographers, the 7Seas team, DJs, our sponsors, supporters and the organisers – for making this experience possible!

what did our guests think of the experience?

  • More than 80% of our respondents rated mindX1.0 as excellent and very good!
  • 70% thought that the content was extremely helpful and very helpful!
  • 70% thought that the speakers were extremely engaging and very engaging!
  • 100% thought that the value for money of the event was excellent, very good and good.
  • More than 80% are extremely likely and very likely to attend mindX again.

our sponsors