What our reality is made up of and how we perceive it, our consciousness, still baffles scientists, philosophers, psychologists and humanity as a connected whole. At mindX, one of the things that fuels our inspiration is our never ending curiosity to learn and grow.

the experience

  • A tranquil, inspirational & meaningful experience by the sea’s magnificent energy.
  • Listen to and engage with a panel of speakers who will share with us their knowledge about consciousness – and what we can do to live consciously and be in a constant state of awareness of self, others and the world around us!
  • A metaphysicist, wisdom teachers, a doctor, authors and a psychotherapist.
  • Authentic networking and connection with others.
  • Mindfulness exercises and serene & calming soul music.
  • Fresh lemon & orange sliced infused water and a well-being menu of fresh smoothies, fruits, herbal tea and organic coffee.
  • Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society.

what did our guests say?

‘Very well organised’ – ‘ I liked that is was more interactive’ – ‘very comfortable seating and venue- the Q&A was quite interesting and the speakers were very accessible’ – ‘very good speakers’ – ‘the energy was amazing’ – ‘diversity of speakers location atmosphere of open-minded and like minded people’ – ‘there is a diverse and active community interested in self development and there are many different approaches’ – ‘the researchers are waking up and proving the facts what the Chinese knew long time ago’ – ‘We are not what we think we are and we are interconnected with everything . Everything we experience is a manifestation of our thoughts’ – ‘With the power of mind, you can achieve everything’ – ‘Self Love, self forgiveness’ – ‘Loved the diversity of perspectives and realized that one of the keys to inner-peace was being aware of your own thoughts. Recognizing that means not being enslaved by our own thoughts, but instead free from them’.

our appreciation

We are ever so grateful to everyone who attended and to the wonderful mindX Team – speakers, organisers, designers, videographers, photographers, the Columbia Beach team, AV & DJ Team and our supporters – for making mindX2.1 possible!

what did our guests think of the experience?

  • 90% of our respondents rated mindX2.1 as excellent and very good!
  • 78% thought that the content was extremely helpful and very helpful!
  • 100% thought that the speakers were extremely engaging!
  • 70% thought that the value for money of the event was excellent.
  • 90% are extremely likely and very likely to attend mindX again.

our sponsors