At mindX 2.0 we introduced a brand new theme, ‘the spectrum of well-being’ in which each spectacular speaker delivered a short, sharp, inspiring & impactful speech about one of the elements in the spectrum!

the experience

  • Our spectacular speaker line-up included: a fascinating speaker team from diverse backgrounds, each with inspiring stories & experiences to share; including – a renowned Medical doctor (specialising in Holistic medicine & Bio-resonance) – the winning Speaker of the latest Toastmasters Division (Cyprus/Greece/Bulgaria) Contest – a Conscious Leadership Author/Trainer – an NLP Practitioner/Coach/Speaker – and a successful Entrepreneur specialising in innovative start-ups.
  • Connecting people’s true essence in a trusted space for a shared inspirational purpose is the order of the day at all mindX experiences! So our attendees had loads of time to connect before and after the talks; as well as move to the smooth & fun tunes of the 7Seas DJ!
  • 'The secret to living is giving'. So part of the proceeds were donated to the Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society.

what did our guests say?

‘Community and like minded people’ – ‘Good people bringing a good vibration’ – ‘Mind/body/soul connection, perseverance, gratitude’ – ‘I think it’s a great idea. I love the fact that there was a mix of speakers. I also really liked the different relationship issues that each speaker talked about. Great way of ‘connecting the dots’ – ‘BRAVO, WELL DONE and you’ll go from STRENGTH to STRENGTH’ – ‘I liked the venue very much. Also the speakers were very engaging and genuine which created a warm environment’ – ‘I liked the event as it is something new and Cyprus needs such events’ – ‘Very well organised event, with welcoming, inspiring atmosphere’ – ‘Very nice and friendly people and environment’.

our appreciation

We are ever so grateful to everyone who attended and to the wonderful mindX Team – speakers, artists, designers, videographers, photographers, the 7Seas team, DJs, our sponsors, supporters and the organisers – for making this experience possible!

what did our guests think of the experience?

  • 100% of our respondents rated mindX2.0 as excellent and very good!
  • 79% thought that the content was extremely helpful and very helpful!
  • 86% thought that the speakers were extremely engaging and very engaging!
  • 100% thought that the value for money of the event was excellent and very good.
  • 100% are extremely likely and very likely to attend mindX again.

our sponsors