meet the minds behind mindX

mindX - September 25, 2018

As published on Medium.com

This unique event was the result of Walid Khabbaze’s attempt to unite friends for his 40th birthday to share thoughts and inspiration. Instead he decided such an event should be shared with everyone and can be an opportunity to pay it forward.

But, who is Walid? Walid spent many years in the corporate world working with big companies like Thomson Reuters yet he always pursued alternative concepts of leadership and mindfulness. Reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth was the initial inspiration for his continuous search for new ways to expand his mind. He joined Toastmasters, the international communication and leadership development hub and became a committee member in 2018.

His journey in personal development led him to different experiences including attending grand events for thought leaders the likes of Tony Robbins and Wim Hof — known as the iceman — where he learned about the power of thought, being in the moment and improving quality of life.

The approach of his 40th birthday in 2018 was the catalyst for the creation of mindX. He proposed having a gathering for thought exchange and inspiration with his close friends instead of another typical birthday party, but an intense body combat coaching session helped the entire idea click; a get together where some of the most original people he has met share their knowledge, where people can enjoy music and have a party to remember and where he could make enough profit to donated to a good cause, behold mindX.

The idea came to life step by step with the help of his small team of creators who generously offered their time and talent; Maya Kayali took over creatives and graphic design, Alexis Nicolaides offered his videography skills, Dima Saba and Diana Khabbaze helped coordinate the event planning, Shawn Nicolopulos and Aziz Altaany volunteered to be the event photographers, Eddy Nassar, Katerina Wilson and Panayiotis Petrou from the 7Seas team jumped on board to help finalize the venue details and this unique gathering will forever be known as mindX.

Tickets are sold online at Eventbrite or at the Columbia Plaza reception, 50 EUR presale and 60 EUR at the door, Friday the 28th of September at 8:00 pm.