mindX: a new thought provoking experience

mindX - September 25, 2018

As published on Medium.com

mindX is a new thought-provoking experience birthed in the mind of Toastmasters committee member and avid follower of mindfulness and leadership awareness, Walid Khabbaze. For the first time in Cyprus, inspirational talks are infused with a social event, drinks and international DJs. It doesn’t end here, all proceeds are going to the Anti-Cancer Society. How did this event come about and what should you expect?

Alternative schools of thought on self awareness and business development are a new concept slowly seeping into Cyprus and all its flourishing culture and expanding businesses. Walid is no stranger to new ways of thinking; he has been opening new doors to knowledge and inspiration since reading Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.

His journey has surrounded him with exceptional individuals who are in touch with their spirituality and invite new ways to accomplish success. Transferring this knowledge onto new people and helping them expand their mind is the intent behind mindX.

What makes this occasion unique, however, is its presentation. Unlike most speech-oriented events, mindX is essentially a party — with an open bar — intertwined with short talks which have been designed to be fun, engaging and short (a few minutes each). This allows the information to be digested in small doses without forcing attendees to dedicate their entire Friday night listening to others speak. In a way mindX is a gentle introduction to a parallel way of thinking.

In its design, the event will allow everyone to interact with the speakers, the organisers and each other, it’s an opportunity to meet creative individuals including a TEDx Speaker, a holistic business lawyer, an Ironman and Triathlete, a holistic life coach and the Managing Director of St. Raphael Resort.

Establishing connections, expanding thoughts, having a wonderful time and giving back to charity are all a part of what mindX will deliver to attendees.

Tickets are sold online at Eventbrite or at the Columbia Plaza reception, 50 EUR presale and 60 EUR at the door on Friday the 28th of September at 8:00 pm.