elena amber

Founder – PhD Researcher blending Behavioural Psychology, Economics & Neuroscience – Author

Elena Amber is a seasoned professional, author, doctoral researcher, and founder offering a unique perspective on the human existence within a rapidly advancing technological era. She advocates for the significance of emotions in both personal and professional realms through her latest publication, ‘The Gift of Sensitivity: The Extraordinary Power of Emotional Engagement in Life and Work’.


Her educational journey is impressive, holding four diverse Master’s degrees spanning biology, management, psychology, and business administration. Her professional background encompasses an industry portfolio ranging from telecommunications to aviation, finance, online retail, and travel. Currently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. that merges behavioural psychology and economics with neuroscience.


Elena’s personal story involves overcoming adversity, from rickets and poverty to a motherless childhood and a near-death car incident. Yet, she has turned these challenges into strengths, leading a fulfilling life full of adventures, interesting people, and meaningful opportunities. Her commitment to embracing emotions as a source of vitality, rather than suppressing or controlling them, has allowed her to transform faster, understand more, and utilize more parts of her brain.


Elena invites others to own, grow, and apply their Emotional Capital in life and work. Whether it’s through her book, her newsletter, or her practical guide, she is dedicated to helping others tap into their innate abilities and reach their full potential.