farah shammas

Managing Director of St Raphael Resort and Marina – Speaker and proud Vegan

Farah Shammas is the Managing Director of St Raphael Resort, Marina & Tower. She successfully leads a team of over 200 staff, oversees the resort’s upgrades & expansion; and heads up the relaunch project, bringing new ideas and concepts to life – such as eco-friendly initiatives as well as Seashells (first hotel vegan-friendly beach restaurant in Cyprus).


She feels blessed that she is in the position to make a real change. At least 30% of all menus are plant-based and she opened the island’s first fully vegan hotel and beach restaurant called Seashells Healthy Living. Her aim is to help her team and guests live in the best possible way and reduce the company’s carbon footprint, despite being such a large organisation.


She has spoken at many international conferences and forums talking about women empowerment, tourism, marketing and veganism among other subjects.