matheo galatis

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Matheo Galatis is an executive coach and facilitator at The Fresh Perspective.


He served as the global manager of The Consciousness Coaching® Academy and was financial director of Beyond Coaching (PTY) LTD. With experience training over 200 consciousness coaches and mentoring over 40 coaches, he has also led transformational training programs for over 3000 participants since 2012. Matheo has worked with clients across 27 countries, including CEOs, public personalities, and entrepreneurs, and organizations such as Oracle and Loreal.


He has studied numerous disciplines, including Professional Coaching, Family Constellation Therapy, Psychotherapy Coaching, and more. Known for his ability to quickly identify and address core issues, Matheo values loyalty and long-term relationships with his clients.


He is currently writing a book on increasing self-worth and transforming feelings of unworthiness, and compiling his written work, “The Know Yourself” teachings. Matheo believes in resolving past issues to unlock our true potential.