walid khabbaze

Founder, Curator & Host of mindX – Entrepreneur – Speaker & Poet

Walid Khabbaze is known for his multifaceted expertise and interests.


Some of his businesses provide a suite of property, business advisory and residency services; adding trusted value to clients’ properties, businesses and lives.


Walid’s leadership skills earned him the John McFarlane (Barclays) Cranfield Leadership Award in 2015. His keen interest and study in self-growth – especially psychology, coaching, mindfulness, awareness and holistic well-being encouraged him to start sharing his insights through speeches and writings. He is Vice President of Membership of the Limassol Toastmasters public speaking club; and in 2023, he competed at international level in Milan with his inspiring speech, ‘The Perfect Pattern’.


In 2018, he founded mindX, a series of inspiring speaking, authentic connection and giving back experiences – with the mission of ‘expanding minds & hearts, one extraordinary experience at a time’. These events enhance awareness, contributing to well-being, and support philanthropic initiatives that are close to his heart. mindX’s ultimate purpose is to connect people on a deeper level, to their own true essence, ‘because in the end, isn’t that what matters most?’.


Walid finds inspiration in nature and his collection of poems, reflections and insights, ‘Spheres of Life – Soul Whispers’ is about life, nature, mind, oneness and the interconnectedness of all things.


He strives to inspire others towards healthy lifestyles, to listen to their inner voice and to live a fulfilled, conscious life – because he believes that improving people’s holistic well-being is the ultimate social purpose of all!