walter gjergja

Speaker, Coach & Author – Shaolin Master & Philosopher – Co-Founder & Chief Wellness Officer – Strategist & Advisor

Walter Gjergja, known as Shi Xing Mi, is a Shaolin Master, philosopher, author, speaker, and strategist. Born in Italy, he embarked on a journey of personal growth, studying at La Trobe and Melbourne University in Australia and the Shaolin Temple in China. He is a secular warrior monk of the 32nd Shaolin generation. Walter studied Kung Fu WuShu and Shaolin philosophy intensively, becoming a respected figure in the Shaolin wellness and mindfulness practices.


Keynote speaker in over twenty countries and noted author in five languages, consultant and advisor for many prominent companies, guest lecturer at various universities (in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, China, Russia), featured in numerous publications and called by international media “cultural acrobat”, “monk of strategy”, “master of effectiveness”, “wellness master” and “fitness monk”.


Co-Founder and Chief Wellness Officer at Zing Coach (a Palta company), an innovative fitness app that applies advanced AI, CV, and a unique holistic training methodology, to deliver the most effective hyper-personalized fitness and wellness journeys.


He has represented Shaolin culture in numerous international events, documentaries, and competitions. Walter co-founded Shaolin Wuseng Houbeidui Italy and developed four mindfulness-based training systems. Recently, he has been involved in wellness and health tech projects, contributing his unique blend of knowledge and experiences.