wil de boer dekker

Psychologist, Counselor, Coach, Psychotherapist, Reiki Master & Author

Wilhelmina de Boer Dekker is a dedicated Psychologist, Counselor, Coach, Psychotherapist, Supervisor, and Reiki Master Teacher.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, she has spent over 30 years living in different countries, gaining rich experiences and insights into various cultures.


Now based on the beautiful island of Cyprus since 2003, she assists people in finding their own answers and creative solutions to life’s challenges, enabling them to feel stronger, more balanced, and fulfilled.


Wilhelmina believes that everyone has limitless potential and unique importance, and she feels privileged to guide those ready to uncover their truth and develop their talents. She offers tailor made sessions using various techniques, helping individuals tap into their creativity and strength.


Wilhelmina firmly believes that by becoming conscious of our thoughts and behaviors, we can transform our lives, embrace our power, and take control. She champions the idea that we are not victims but lifelong learners and masters of our own minds, capable of creating our reality.